Emperor Silas Kranos
As he appears in Bing: Powered-Up
Voiced By Justin Wolfe
Debut Bing: Powered-Up
Species Fellian Cyborg
Faction Evil
Number of Games 2/8
"Sometimes, it pays to be made of metal. When you're made of metal, you...Can't...DIE!!!"
—Emperor Kranos

Emperor Silas Kranos, more commonly known as Emperor Kranos, is a large silver cyborg containing the brain of a Fellian warlord, created by Justin Wolfe and the main antagonist of the Bing: Powered-Up. He wields several weapons, including his laser swords, the Shock Spear, and the Scorch Hammer.

Emperor Kranos makes his debut appearance in Bing: Powered-Up, taking over the ruins of Derworx. He is eventually defeated by Bing. He later appears as a playable character in Goop GP.

Name originEdit

Emperor Kranos's name could be a corruption of kronos, which could refer to several things:


Emperor Kranos is obviously criminially insane. His death has brought a lot of his dark side out, causing him to be extremely violent and tempramental, even to his own men. He sometimes tends to spout out nursery rhyme-like sayings due to his insane nature, although he uses them as threats with his deep booming voice. He believes his laser swords, whom he has dubbed "Lefty" and "Rightey", to be alive, which causes him to have long awkward pauses with them. He tends to have odd hunger cravings for rods of plutonium.


Emperor Kranos has access to large army of cyborg soldiers that follow his every command. He also has access to dangerous, high-tech weapons such as his Shock Spear and Kranos Cannon.

Voice actorEdit

Emperor Kranos is voiced by Justin Wolfe.


Sometime after Goop's World: Opal HQ, Derworx is invaded by Emperor Silas Kranos, a cyborg from the planet Fellia, while Bing is scavenging for parts. Emperor Kranos is eventually fought at the game's climax, getting crushed by a giant piston.

Emperor Kranos reappears in a new body, participating in sporting events such as go-kart racing.


  • Emperor Kranos's signature color is Cyan.
  • Emperor Kranos appears in the Toshiko-developed crossover brawler, Toshiko Crash-Up.


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