Dr. Oktor Von Derwiff
As he appears in Goop's World: Opal HQ
Voiced By
Debut Goop's World: Opal HQ
Species Alien
Faction Evil
Number of Games 2/8
"Time to stomp you into dust! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!"
—Dr. Derwiff

Dr. Oktor Von Derwiff, more commonly known as Dr. Derwiff, is a muddy brown alien created by Justin Wolfe and the main antagonist of the Goop's World: Opal HQ and Goop: Minion Warfare. Due to his short height, he is constantly piloting a large blue mech.

Dr. Derwiff makes his debut appearance in Goop's World: Opal HQ, invading the world to hypnotize the world's population. He is eventually defeated by Goop.

Name originEdit

Dr. Derwiff's first name (Oktor) was meant to rhyme with Doctor.


Dr. Derwiff, like Moki, suffers from a Napoleon Complex, meaning he is very insecure about his height, which is short even for his race. He goes into a rage whenever someone mentions his height, or his last name, which he considers extremely embarrassing. Dr. Derwiff is extremely self-centered and hammy, randomly screaming and raising his voice or lowering his voice in anger.


Dr. Derwiff has an amazing intellect that almost rivals Bing's, allowing him to build large devices and amazing technologies to accomplish his goals. He pilots a large mech that has a large arsenal of explosive abilities, including missiles, lasers, and shockwaves.

Voice actorEdit



King Grex prepares to attack the Gooptar Kingdom with his army, only to have his army be attacked by an even more powerful army controlled by Dr. Oktor Von Derwiff. For the common good, Grex and Frogrump agree to temporarily team up with Goop, Bing, and Tawnya. Dr. Derwiff is eventually defeated by Goop, getting trapped within The Vortex forever.

Sometimes after Shifted, King Grex finds his army once again under attack by Dr. Derwiff, who has escaped The Vortex. King Grex sends his new recruits (Chomper, Chucky, Snerlin, and Springear) to defeat him.


  • Dr. Derwiff's signature color is Muddy Green.
  • Dr. Derwiff appears in the Toshiko-developed crossover brawler, Toshiko Crash-Up.
  • Dr. Derwiff appears as a purchasable costume in Origin, another Toshiko title.


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